Nationalities not entitled to own property in Turkey

Nationalities not entitled to own property in Turkey 2022

Nationalities not entitled to own property in Turkey: reasons and solutions

Although the law is considered one of the most important and comprehensive laws around the world, the real estate ownership law in it has its share of forbidding or preventing some nationalities from owning real estate within Turkish lands, and below we will provide you with an enumeration and a detailed explanation of the most important reasons and solutions on the issue of nationalities Which are not allowed to own property in Turkey.

What nationalities are not entitled to own property in Turkey

  1. Armenian nationality.
  2. Cuban citizenship.
  3. Syrian nationality.
  4. Cypriot citizenship.
  5. Nationality of North Korea.

Why does Turkey prevent the ownership of some nationalities?

Syrians were prevented from owning property in Turkey due to a political incident that led to a referendum that took place in 1939 on the basis of which a decision was taken to prevent Syrians from owning property in Turkey after a dispute that took place during the period of the French mandate for Syria. With regard to Syrians owning real estate within Turkish territory.

With regard to banning Armenian holders of citizenship, the reason is due to differences that still exist today, the basis of which is the Turkish-Armenian war before the First World War, and this issue is still considered today as a matter of national security and the subject of contention.

Cypriot citizenship holders are unable to own property in Turkey due to a dispute that broke out in 1925 and escalated in early 1974 when the Turkish army entered Cyprus to protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, and it is likely that a solution to this problem will be reached if the two parts of Cyprus are agreed upon Turkish.

As for the prevention of Cuban and North Korean nationals, it is due to international and international sanctions that were agreed to be imposed on these two countries, and Turkey was one of the countries that made an international commitment to this decision.

How can Syrians own property in Turkey?

Syrians can own property in Turkey by establishing a company in Turkey, which is allowed as indicated by the law of companies establishment in Turkey, which allows the Syrians in this case to buy real estate on the name of the mentioned company, but in this case the Syrian cannot obtain a real estate residence Or an investment in Turkey, even if his property has the necessary conditions for this.

Also, the Syrian does not get the full rights that the rest of real estate owners in Turkey enjoy in these cases.

There are many laws and their approaches to ownership in Turkey, especially in light of the high demand from foreign investors in recent times... which made the issue of laws and legislative texts take a course between easy and subtle in an attempt by the state to balance the booming economic wheel in the country.

With this, we hope that we have provided satisfactory answers on the issue of nationalities that are not entitled to own property in Turkey