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In Turkey and in the heart of its economic capital “Istanbul”, three companies working in construction, real estate and general trading projects in the Arab Gulf and Turkey joined forces to establish Realty Spot, which specializes in investment and real estate marketing, to operate with high professionalism and a well-studied strategy based on the experience of its founders and employees rooted in the Arab and Turkish markets. Its clients have opportunities of an investment nature and a successful financial return, which contributes to achieving the economic perspective of the Arab community in Turkey. The concept of creativity, brilliance and success within the formation of Realty Spot made among its plans not to be satisfied with the real estate market only, but also to enter into educational projects, and to achieve commercial deals for Arab countries, which achieved its spread at various levels and to gain the confidence of many companies and customers inside and outside Turkey.

Our Vision

  • Despite the modernity of Realty Spot, its roots rooted in Turkey five years ago made it aspire to be among the first leading companies specialized in trade, investment and marketing of major real estate projects in Turkey and the region, and for this it laid foundations, standards, solutions and innovative services, and used the latest scientific and technical means.
  • Realty Spot has directed its compass towards excellence and development, and always seeks to gain more experiences to be the destination for those looking for experience and credibility and to meet commercial, real estate, educational and investment projects demands.
  • Our Company Goals

  • Realty Spot aims to achieve a common success formula with its clients and partners.
  • Realty Spot works to be among the leading companies in the field of general trade, development and real estate marketing in Turkey and the Arab world.
  • Realty Spot aims to provide the best solutions, advice and services to individual and corporate investors.
  • Realty Spot aims to offer the best possibilities to ensure successful investment by carefully studying each project it undertakes.
  • The company Realty Spot seeks to provide its services with credibility and high quality in order to satisfy its customers and gain their trust.
  • Realty Spot seeks to expand geographically in the Arab world and the world in general, and in Turkey in particular, due to the high demand from investors.
  • Realty Spot aims to build a solid bridge and lasting and continuous relationships with its clients and to pursue their business in Turkey through the trust granted to the company by its clients.
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