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Sea - Nature

Enjoy the life of your dreams on the sea and princesses’ islands

A life awaits you in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the most beautiful view of the city Watching the magnificent view of Istanbul full of endless beauty is just one of the privileges you enjoy here

You can breathe the scent of green grass and the scent of captivating flowers in the center of Istanbul. With its picturesque natural environment, you can get away from the stress and strength of life. Feel the relaxing sense of rainy weather, and watch the sunrise every day.

All the beauty of nature is available to you

The new focal point for those who enjoy life

 The choice of those who wish to witness the massive landscapes of Istanbul, is the new star of the city. The new project, the new focal point for those who enjoy life, offers its residents a safe and happy tomorrow with flat alternatives from 1+1 to 5+1.

Peaceful and profitable life intertwined with nature

The project promises a high-quality life thanks to its location at the intersection of highways connecting the European and Anatolian sides and its proximity to public transportation such as subways and buses. The project located in the heart of the city; you are just a few steps away from where you want to go. This is the distance to some places:

Medical Institutions:

Florence Nightingale Hospital: 5 min

Memorial Hospital: 5 min

Türkan Saylan Medical Centre: 9 min

FSM Training Research Hospital: 10 min

Yeditepe University Hospital: 13 min

Educational Institutions:

Private Ataşehir Bilfen Schools: 5 min

Denizaltı Elementary School: 12 min

Acıbadem University: 8 min

American Culture College: 9 min

Doğa Schools: 5 min

FBK Fenerbahçe College: 14 min

Private Ataşehir Yönder Schools: 11 min

Okyanus College: 6 min

Yeditepe University: 14 min

Private Düşler Şatosu Nursery School: 7 min

Private Olcay Nursery School: 7 min

Private Yedi Deniz Nursery School: 7 min

Uğur Schools Ataşehir Complex: 5 min

Shopping Malls:

Novada Mall: 2 min

Metropol Mall: 3 min

Brandium Mall: 3 min

Mozaik Bazaar: 5 min

Bulvar 216 AVM: 6 min

Palladium Mall: 6 min

Watergarden AVM: 10 min

Optimum Mall: 11 min 

Other Places:

Nezahat Gökyiğit Arboretum: 5 min

Ülker Sports Arena: 7 min

Istanbul Finance Centre: 10 min

Kayışdağı Forest: 15 min

Ataşehir Municipality Wedding Saloon: 10 min

Mimar Sinan Mosque: 10 min

Suitable for Turkish nationality

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