Real estate sales are increasing in Turkey despite the decrease in sales in the world

Turkey achieved a significant growth in real estate sales of 31% during the first half of this year, as 726,000 properties were sold, including 208 thousand new homes and 517,000 used homes, while real estate sales witnessed a significant decline in most countries of the world.

And the American real estate company “Coldwell Banker” stated in a statement that sales of used homes in America witnessed a decrease in sales of 7% in the first half of 2022.

During this period, 34.3 million properties were sold in America, while the number reached 303 thousand and 6 properties in Canada, a decrease of 19%.

In Britain, real estate sales decreased by 23%, during the first half of this year, to 630,170 properties.

In the Netherlands, the percentage of real estate sales decreased by 23.5%, as only 91,305 properties were sold during the mentioned period.

The statement quoted Gökhan Taş, head of the "MasterTürk" group of the American company, as saying that real estate sales in Turkey have achieved record growth rates.